17 July 2006

These are photos from Sunday. After church, Darren, Dennis, Kelsey and I went to Spitlefields Market and then to the Geffrey Museum in Hackney. I thought we had arrived at the projects. The flats in the area were all tagged and it was incredibly dirty, but once we got to the museum grounds it was quiet and peaceful. The museum showed English middle class room set-ups from the differents eras. The details of the museum itself were great. This is in the "toilet" - the ceilings were high and the posts between stalls had light fixtures at the top. It was a pleasant surprise in the bathroom.
You can sort of see the light fixtures in the cafe at the museum. The wall material on the left looked like zinc or soapstone or something beautiful
This is a detail from a rug in the 1930s room. Nice colors and forms.
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