27 June 2006

Tehachapi Windmills

Hey all,
There are 4600 wind turbines in the hills above Tehachapi. They are run by different companies. You can find out all about it at www.techachapi.com/wind/
It is the largest energy producer from wind in the world. It is fascinating.
Hope you take the time to look at the website.

22 June 2006

Hey Radeuros,
I am having a "unique" experience in Tehachapi, CA. at my son's action sports camp. I am just recovering from a vicious game of dodgeball yesterday with 20 year old professional skateboarders, bmx, mtn. bikers and inline skaters. They give no mercy to the old ladies. I took a full body slam into the ramp and am bruised from head to toe. Have to say it was actually quite fun.

We are 40 miles south of Bakersfield in the hills. GE runs a windfarm called AIRCAL. On the ridges of the mountains are literally thousands of windmills. It is quite beautiful, they are different sizes and lined up in interesting patterns. You can actually "see" the wind as in comes over the hill and spins certain windmills while others stay still. The patterns and arrangements are incredibly interesting. I have tried several times to call the company to get more details on how the power and electricity are generated, but so far no response. Another interesting fact about the area is that Tehachapi is very dry. There are fields upon fields of onions, oranges, raspberries, asparagus, bluberries etc. but the local residences do not have lawns. They just mow the golden cheat grass and it fits into the surroundings so nicely. The houses are unobtrusive with wide wraparound porches. It is a great example of the architecture fitting in with the "native" landscape.

I don't know where my blog on the book Cradle to Cradle is posted - it is out there somewhere in cyberspace. I'll rewrite it if I can't seem to locate it soon.

I hope everyone is well - after camp we only have a few weeks until takeoff. I'm so excited, or as the skateboarders here say "Sick"

Take Care - DeAnn Olsen