26 January 2008


”The way we are living,
timorous or bold,
will have been our life.”
Seamus Heaney

I have been "fired-up, ready to go" ever since I heard Barack speak at the 2004 Democratic Convention. Obama '08, Oh Yeah!

16 January 2008

These are My Children

I am the fortunate mother of teenagers. My friend's mother told me that when children are young they break your back and when they are old they break your heart. In my case, they haven't broke it, just given it major palpitations. I suppose it is their incredible energy, and sense of themselves, and wanting to carve out their own path in life when I am no longer in total control - of course, I never was.
That "shark and merman?" picture is so representative of those two it is cracking me up.

05 January 2008

Getting Back to Myself

I am in my hotel room by myself at Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Hawaii. The boys have driven into Honolulu to the Pipeline Cafe to see the MISFITS. The bands' last stop on supposedly their last tour. I wasn't up to skanking or whatever you do to "zombie punk", but Land was incredibly adamant that he go to the concert. We are just sad that Upstanding Youth is not the opening group - now that is a concert! But...back to my night alone - I just watched the sun set over the point, breathtaking. I can hear children playing with their siblings in the pools lit by torches reflecting in the water. The ocean is overwhelmingly loud and gets more so as it gets darker. I have ordered room service and am doing handstands in the room. Upside down is when I feel young again. I guess now I am ready to go back to work, to finish a master's degree, shovel snow, cook dinners, teach new students. I just need to remember to take time for a handstand to find a new perspective on my busy life.

03 January 2008

The Family Aquatic

Happy New Year from under the sea! This picture is taken on our ascent from China Wall in Hawaii today - we all four finished the PADI advanced open water course with this drift dive. It was a great dive that made up for the earlier plunge where I spent the entire time puking off the side of the boat, off the back of the boat, on the boat, and under the boat into the regulator. I thought I would never scuba dive again, but today put the joy back into it. Lots of fish, and turtles, and swimming into caves, and amid the rocks. Peace, like an ocean. Happy 2008!