30 July 2008

Honey, I'm still Free

Went and saw Mamma Mia tonight and was thankful for a bit of fun and brightness. ABBA, so glad your songs are sing-a-long and Josef Frank, props for designing such amazing fabrics for the set. (photos via yahoo)

23 July 2008

A Time to Mourn

A link you might want to read: When Bad Things Happen.
Erika and Grandpa Edison at the Christmas Party 2007
This blog of late has been tinged with sadness. Erika has died. She was very brave - she was a refugee from Germany during WWII. Her story is extraordinary, but what I'll always remember is that she sent four-leaf clovers in my birthday cards. How did she find them, one each year. My heart aches for my grandfather - he has lost a daughter and a wife during this summer season. I remarked to a friend how difficult it has been the past few months, "you know death... it's not for everyone". But it is and I'm trying to find the meaning and the joy and the gratitude for this one beautiful life we journey through.

16 July 2008

The Town so Nice They Named it Twice

Favorite shots of New York, NY in May:
Flags at Rockefeller Plaza

Flower Market Across From the Hotel

Balloon Dog and Sacred Heart by Jeff Koons on the rooftop of the Met

Staten Island Ferry just hours before I received the call about my Mother

12 July 2008

Hammerz HAD been HAD

starring: tucker, andrew, huckleberry, land, max, jake, chris, and logan. filmed and edited on the last day of Woodward - summer camp is so much fun.

03 July 2008

The Gift Outright

My mother's birthday was June 28th and we marked this melancholy day with celebration. Land and I were staying with my sister's family in Long Beach and we decided to write messages on balloons and release them into the the sky. My six-year-old nephew experimenting with his newly gained knowledge of scientific principles from kindergarten first scoffed at the idea. "They aren't going to get to her, you know that don't you". We sang happy birthday and let the strings slip from our fingers. My one-year-old nephew tried chasing the colorful bubbles, his hands reaching upward, and my three-year-old nephew ran with abandon, his arms stretched wide, "they are flying to grandma", faith streaming from his trusting eyes. Land wrote a private message and said quietly, "This is cool". We watched for what seemed like hours as they disappeared from our sight, The six-year-old starting to question his adamant stance, "Is grandma higher than heaven?" and then "I think they went all the way to God".

02 July 2008

Pleasing Paper Patterns

I am back from SoCal. I splurged on a few things... benefit makeup, a new swimsuit, but mostly paper products. Journals and address books and calendars and notebooks. I'm a sucker for paper, colors, bright design and inventive patterns. I write in a journal nearly every day so they rarely go to waste. The two in the middle are by Orla Kiely - a new favorite.