30 July 2008

Honey, I'm still Free

Went and saw Mamma Mia tonight and was thankful for a bit of fun and brightness. ABBA, so glad your songs are sing-a-long and Josef Frank, props for designing such amazing fabrics for the set. (photos via yahoo)


Nat said...

I want to go see this movie so bad! I don't think I could get Bryan to go with me... It looks so good.

Daryl Olsen said...

I went yesterday by myself to see the show and I loved it. Cindee and Laura took me to the play when in it was in S.L. a few years ago and I bought the CD there. I came home from the movie last night and looked all over for the CD. I think someone borrowed it. I'm going crazy trying to find it. The music is wonnnderfull!!! I might go see the show again today. Dirk is in Durango doing a show (he,he he.)
Love you, DeAnn