06 August 2008

16 Days of Glory?

Bird's Nest National Stadium & Water Cube. Beijing 2008

The Beijing Olympics begin in all their spectacle on 08.08.08. I have intently watched the Olympics since I was seven years old in 1972 and Olga Korbut dazzled the world with her pixie like hair and mind-boggling flexibility... but that was overshadowed by a young girl's confusion over what exactly a guerilla was and why all this violence and bloodshed on the world stage. The Olympic games embody much of what I enjoy in life -- competition, hard work, unique architecture, a gathering of the world's cultures, design (all those team and national costumes), collecting (pins), the colors, media hype, national pride, national anthems, but as I've grown old, err older, I realize that the high ideals of the Olympics do little to hide the politics, drug use, environmental, human rights, and power abuses. Humans at their best and worst on display for each other. Nevertheless, I have just had satellite installed and will be parking my butt in front of the TV for 16 days of glory. Cheering, critiquing, crying, along with the billions of other fellow human beings. For Real.
(photo via boston.com)


Henke Family said...

I remember at a reunion at Bear Lake and watching you screaming at the TV while watching the gymnastics girls compete. :) I will never forget your enthusiasm!

Kaitlan said...

I can just see you and Darren screaming at the T.V. I remember the last summer olympics we were staying with you guys, and we had so much fun watching them with you. I am looking forward to it also. I love the competition and pride associated with this great event.

Sara Jane said...

The Olympics will be so fun! It is always so exciting. We don't have a TV so I am hoping that we can find some good coverage on the internet.

Todd said...

Oh how I LOVE the Olympics! Me and Todd are planning on watching them religiously too...I'm so glad that we got to see you and hang out the night before we left! Preslee had fun dancing in your car...she always says, "CA" cause she wants to just go sit in the car and listen to music.