14 June 2010

I'm Keen

We are here in the Land Down Under. The weather is dreamy in Cairns. We board a boat tomorrow to dive the Great Barrier Reef. We are blessed and spoiled. I jokingly told Darren as we ate freshly squeezed juice and freshly caught seafood that I was "so happy" that it doesn't take much for me to "be happy." We will see the Land of Wonder Land Down Under in 10 days. Spot On! I sat on the promenade in town today and watched the tide go out. The little crabs and mud whelks scampering in the muddy flats. A one legged egret, matching the single-legged mangroves struggling to take hold. The air is addicting here. Breath deeper. Breathe deep. I went to the Cairns Regional Gallery today and soaked in the ice cream colors of Beverly Budgen. Gorgeous. We forgot our camera and so Darren is off to buy one. Just close your eyes and imagine.

06 June 2010

friday afternoon

Ok, so my house is out of commission, almost completely. I arrive home friday afternoon to find Darren and the contractors busy with important work... "let's get that scooter going." They were all, "will you go get us some pizza?" At the end of the day... scooter is running fine, house: not so much.

04 June 2010

memorial day

It's tradition as Land would say. Visit the cemeteries, cover the sacred sites with flowers, feed our hearts and bellies, visit with cousins and aunties and uncles. I look forward to it every year... just a little dizzying including my mother's grave in the tradition.