02 May 2006

Light Team for RADEURO

Hey Light Team: The May issue of Vanity Fair is the "Green Issue". It contains lots of info about designers and others who are on the cutting edge of environmental and sustainable issues. There is an article about the actor Ed Norton and the B.P. Solar Neighborhood program which is... for every B.P. solar system a celebrity installs in their home, B.P. will donate another system to a low income household. You can find more information at www.solarneighbors.com.

Also, check out anything about London based architects Alex Michaelis and Tim Boyd. They are building an "eco-hotel" in Cambridge and several "carbon-zero" houses. They use solar slate roofs, wind turbines, solar awnings that power the house as well as the electric car, sod roofs, light wells, and even have built an "underground" house that heats itself.

Anyway, is anyone on the Light Team wanting to split up the book and post a summary of the chapters so we can finish it and have the questions answered before May 15th? Is that allowed?