30 December 2009

a Slayer t-shirt fit the scene just right

It is snowing loads of white fluffy stuff. Skiing will be on the docket tomorrow, but for today I'm catching up on the loads of laundry, thinking about new year lifestyle changes, and making waffles with my new waffle iron - [I have a cool flip one just like you Jen]. I can't stop listening to this song, just like my niece's two year old daughter so thanks Echo... I've got a bounce in my step today.

23 December 2009


My sister's and I in the photobooth circa Kmart 70's. Mel so beautiful, as always, even with the stylin' lenses. Me looking a little disoriented - now I know where Land gets it, and Jen with a hint of deviousness and total focus, she looks just like her youngest urchin.

Now, if this doesn't put you in the Christmas Spirit nothing can. (Actually, this image rends me melancoly) First you have to feel for that Santa. I'm fairly certain that at five years old Chase weighed more than him. His eyes look so hollow and tired much like the you know you're a redneck camping tarp background. But I can't ever decide if Chase is brilliantly happy or if he is channeling Mr. Burns, "ex...cell...ent" plotting to take down the Wal-Mart St. Nick.

16 December 2009

Fruitcake to a Caveman

It is one of my craziest memories. A roommate and I tagged along with her brother-in-law to pay a holiday visit to a man living in a cave. Said pseudo-spelunker had worked some hours for said brother-in-law in exchange for a visit to the dentist to relieve a painful tooth. He was from the "north country" and there was even a guest room in the cavern. Surprisingly quite warm. Well, THIS made me laugh, (a friend directed me to this post). Apparently, the brother-in-law is still creating impressionable good times.

14 December 2009

time since... 19 months

Thanksgiving was fun. We made scrumptious food... way too much. My sister out did herself as hostess. My sons are pretty awesome through her sons eyes. The youngest two picked their favorites. It was action and noise all weekend long. A game of football took place before dinner with the neighbors, we lost the potatoes and had to sneak in a quick trip to the grocery to tag in some replacements. Darren actually ate the sweet variety, first time... and more than one serving. I attempted a recipe that called for Gruyere cheese and not marshmallows and it was oh so nice. After dinner and before pie we all hopped in the car and went to Seal Beach Pier to "walk it off" The colors were kodachrome as the sun went down and Catalina was so clear, looming on the horizon it seemed you could walk right on over. We played in the sand, the young boys jumping, rolling, running with abandon. Dad took a thousand pictures. We were lighthearted, escaping the heaviness that sometimes settles in with the holidays.

Three days later my little sis calls. It's her birthday and her husband forgot in the morning. She tried to blow it off. I know how living with only men can be. Not to be rude but I'm certain it is genetic for the other half to be self-absorbed. She never gets a break. Do you see the pictures up there? That is how it is for hours a day at her house... wild little creatures... now turn up the volume... escalation... whoa. I love those boys; when I'm not around them I ache, but they are as my grandma Hazel used to call my sisters and I, "little buggers." They had sang happy happy birthday to her, but she was hurting, not because of her husbands slight, but because my little sis, probably the closest and most dependent on my mom, missed her mother deeply on this the day of days the one when she was born. She cried heavy, heavy sobs. Couldn't get through the phone line to hold her. Can't take the place of her mother. How? Why? How? Why? There are no satisfactory answers at this moment. I'm figuring them out moment by graceful, ungraceful moment. Crazy, but our lives are incredibly full.

07 December 2009

mexico rewind

Photo was in my email today from Chase and Darren's new friend Boris from Switzerland. They swear this dolphin made sure they were all watching and then jumped up and smiled at them as they were crusin' along in the panga.

Baja SEE Turtles Nov. 2009 from David McGuire on Vimeo.

Just got this link from Chase and Darren's adventure to Baja last month, I'm telling you... it is amazing! Nice backflip Darren. I wish I hadda been there this year but it is still so jaw-dropping beautiful to see the photogs.

04 December 2009

flair maker

I spend my days 'making things' - you should see what I have been working on for my little sis - out a control, but for now check out the 'flair' I put together for Megan. Simple simon; tiny paper circles cut from a magazine and Land's button press and you're ready to go. I'm really into packaging lately as well. Check out this from "Nice Package." Hey, it's a pun... get your mind out of the gutter

02 December 2009

Stay Classy Max!

Update: "Thou Shalt Not Hate"
Just got back from the game. My head is cleared out of any remaining sinus congestion left from a Thanksgiving cold. It is LOUD in the Spectrum. Make you dizzy decibel pounding loud. The Aggies won. My favorite was the signs... clever, clever youngsters. Somewhere in this cell phone pic you can locate a sign that reads, "are we 'classless' yet?" To quote Stew Morrill, the Aggies head coach, "the signs come out, the craziness comes out, the guy takes off his shirt. Hell, it all happens... Whatever it takes... It is as good as it gets in college basketball."

Earlier: I'm a Cougar Fan, especially football, I have beaucoup de respect for the head coach and his family, but can't say that I have ever appreciated Max Hall much. What quarterback racks up yards and yards of personal foul penalties when you're ahead... and who rants on about the losing team and their entire university in two year-old temper tantrum fashion? Tonight is the BYU-USU basketball game at USU. If Max thinks Utah fans are "classless" wait until the "HERD" lets loose on the Cougs. Ruthless... gone rogue. Once again my two alma-maters match up. I'm taking my earplugs. Can't Wait.

Link to video here