26 January 2011

life is what happens when you're not blogging...

I didn't get the tree put up until 5 days before Christmas. The boys reluctantly helped decorate. They think a Festivus pole would be a better solution. And then I hear from a another parent, "Chase and Oscar were so incredibly helpful. They put up the tree and set the ornaments while I wrapped presents." I am glad to know they pitch in where needed.

The celebrations started when Chase arrived home from Missoula. Good to see that son of mine. U of M agrees with him. We drove to Henefer to start the holiday off attending Grandpa Edison's party. (gotta love his name). Grandpa is 92. And as with it as ever. Sharp sense of humor.

We played "Minute to Win It" games. My aunts and uncles all laugh with "gusto." It is infectious. Look at all those children... the family tree is blooming. Wasn't it just last year we were the kiddos playing games and running through the church hide and seeking?

I'm going to explain the above photos. 1- Cousins holding cousins (no, they are not married - that happens on the other side of the family. It is just my cousins who are bro and sis holding their latest offspring). 2- My dad is texting, not Land. 3- The wall of men (seriously, was that stage going to fall without them) and (I am not cowboy but I come from cowboy.) I miss my mom so deeply at these gatherings, but I have this strong sense of well-being and belonging when I am around her (my) family.


Christmas Eve was welcomed with a feast. Family and friends. I perfectly executed the gravy this year. First time ever... my mom always did it before. Our Olsen four had watched "Pirate Radio - the Boat that Rocked" a few days before and so we played the "name game" that they played in the movie. My dad and Chase planned the guesswork and we took turns giving clues. Above you see Chase, and then Natalie (newly graduated and the freshest morning reporter for the NBC affiliate in Boise) and then Oscar (the beloved - he and his mom and brother Oscar joined us. Their house flooded just two days before - yuck, I know how that goes), and then Spencer, and then you see the whole gang, mostly. Miles and his guests were sick, and tried to relax in the other room, Land and Dallas went upstairs and conquered some video games. Norman Rockwell we aren't but it will do.

 Christmas morning is mellow when you have young adults. Come on already, wake up! Darren received a new dive computer and my dad's freaky toes didn't quite fit into the five fingers. Land received a new Monopoly board and so the afternoon was filled with real estate transactions.

 After Christmas THE FERGUSSON'S ARRIVED. It's always a jolly holiday with the good folks from down under. I'm telling you since I just saw them in July I felt like we were neighbors. They are a big part of our family. Our agenda then became skiing. Someone built a behemoth Frosty to greet us in the canyon.

The Land Man took us on adventures through the trees and deep pow. At one point I didn't know if I could find the rest of Ella.

Myself and Jenny looking good (ha). I was skiing all aggressive thinking I was susie chapstick and made a spectacular fall ending with my helmeted head smacking whiplash downhill. Unfortunately, it was right under the lift and the birds-eye viewing audience could not control their commentary and laughter. Soon we heard, "Oh, we're sorry, we didn't know you were old." The nerve.

Skiing is just too awesome. We had powder days, corduroy days, freezing days, rainy days, and blizzard days, and brilliant sunny days. Put in my time at Beaver and at Alta. Sigh as we watch the sun set leaving the resort