25 September 2008

It happens in threes

I received a text message from Land, "I read what you wrote about grandma on your blog and it blew my mind, it was really good". I received a phone call from Chase (he is now working on a project in Blythe, CA. fighting spiders, mosquitoes and 6ft. diamondbacks) "Mom are you watching Jon Stewart? It is a good episode tonight." He loves to discuss the election with me. And then Darren calls and informs me that he has gathered all the information needed to ship off to our lawyer to put together a trust. I stop him mid-sentence and say, "mmmm, thankyou and I love you". The last time I saw my mother we ate a wonderful dinner at Sette Bello in Salt Lake. We both had these amazing salads with pine nuts. The conversation being about getting our affairs in order, trusts and wills, etc. "You know, you never know", someone commented. Less than a month later we were settling her affairs.

20 September 2008


I made a WORDLE with the words I spoke in tribute about my mother.

16 September 2008

Myachi Martha

I blogged about the myachi masters a few weeks ago. They will be on Martha Stewart on Thursday, September 18th - in two days. It starts at 11:00 am EST so if your home check it out.

15 September 2008

Here Comes the Judge

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was on campus today to lecture. I attended and it was fascinating. I enjoy hearing really intelligent people speak. You have to be on your toes to understand, listening to each word, sentence and thought form as it is presented to you. He touched on constitutional originism, absolute moralism vs. natural law, and how social policy cannot be separated from politics. His main point seemed to be about how dangerous it is that Justices are appointed according to political parties and are expected to reframe the Constitution according to the respected parties platform. It was an interesting opportunity.

On a lighter note, I shook Bob Burnquist's hand at the Dew Tour yesterday.

11 September 2008

Random Musings about the Day

Today is the seventh anniversary of 9-11. On that morning in 2001 Chase and I were coming home from early morning violin lessons and heard the breaking news over the radio waves as it happened. Images created in our minds that have never left...

Well in order to look on the bright side of this day I remembered it is Land and Chase's friend Ricky's birthday and I always tell him that it is a good day for a birthday because it also happens to be Harry's birthday and he's all like who's Harry? And I'm all you don't know? Now it has become a bit of a joke between us. There is actually a skate video of Ricky with a serenade by Harry floating around somewhere on my computer.

Another bright spot - Brady is Chad Danforth in our community production of High School Musical. I attended opening night with his family. It was pure good fun! Go B-Rad. He is athletic, and can dance and can sing. So talented. He is the student body president in the new High School Musical 3 so look for him when it comes to theaters in October. (for those of you who don't know Brady he is one of the kids' friends who I consider another son)

I can't remember Anne Morrow Lindbergh's words exactly, but it is something like this, "Every day has joy, no matter how dull and sad".

Now fill the next 4 years with joy and vote Obama! (here's a view from a real woman that thinks like I do)

08 September 2008

Time Since - Four Months

She was beautiful! I miss her deeply... that thread that binds mothers to daughters that lengthens and shortens throughout the long days of life is pulling me close to her. She sends me messages in the way I stand or speak to my children or laugh, yes laughter is emerging slowly. She is proud of me. I can feel her brush my hair back and gently touch my forehead. The heat of a fever of grief radiating. "There, there sis - I am with you".

02 September 2008

It's Called a Lance ..... Hello

I guess my kid's have noticed. I scream when I hear Harry Connick Jr. I rushed the stage for Donny Osmond performing as Joseph in Chicago. I have crossed the tape in the tunnel to give Joe Montana a pat on the shoulder, Darren assures me it was more of a firm slap on the back. I will replay Bob Burnquist skateboarding narrating every move, "did you see that, and switch". I was in the car in a nanosecond when I heard Barack Obama was down the street, knocking over family that was in my way. They think it's odd that I have a lithograph of Harry from the New Orleans Jazz Festival and a picture I have with him at the Olympics displayed in my office, but no picture of my family. They have to know they are my first crush, my true loves, they just think it's funny (or bizarre) how transparent I can be. I did come home and find this poster displayed in the sitting room. They had been to a garage sale and picked up this sweet puppy all for me. This poster really reminds of Echo; we saw this movie twice when she stayed with us as a teenager. So ode to Heath and all those that make our hearts beat a little faster just because.