11 September 2008

Random Musings about the Day

Today is the seventh anniversary of 9-11. On that morning in 2001 Chase and I were coming home from early morning violin lessons and heard the breaking news over the radio waves as it happened. Images created in our minds that have never left...

Well in order to look on the bright side of this day I remembered it is Land and Chase's friend Ricky's birthday and I always tell him that it is a good day for a birthday because it also happens to be Harry's birthday and he's all like who's Harry? And I'm all you don't know? Now it has become a bit of a joke between us. There is actually a skate video of Ricky with a serenade by Harry floating around somewhere on my computer.

Another bright spot - Brady is Chad Danforth in our community production of High School Musical. I attended opening night with his family. It was pure good fun! Go B-Rad. He is athletic, and can dance and can sing. So talented. He is the student body president in the new High School Musical 3 so look for him when it comes to theaters in October. (for those of you who don't know Brady he is one of the kids' friends who I consider another son)

I can't remember Anne Morrow Lindbergh's words exactly, but it is something like this, "Every day has joy, no matter how dull and sad".

Now fill the next 4 years with joy and vote Obama! (here's a view from a real woman that thinks like I do)

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