20 August 2010


Busy - is that an excuse? I am learning to shoot in manual on this fancy SLR we've had for years. Land joined a class at the tech college in Australia and he described his difference as, "I was the only one who wasn't pregnant or a mum blogger wanting to post pics of the kiddos." I replied, "You probably had a lot to offer." Because clearly from the photo above he is a good model. Tried to capture the movement of the board. It's explicit in showing the "kick" in the "kickflip." This was taken on his last first day... of school that is. Love that kid.

02 August 2010

I believe...

I think my talented niece Mckell could come up with some SYTYCD worthy hip-hop moves and pull off a kick-a__ flash mop.  Whattaya say Kell? Who do I believe is amazing? All my nieces, beautiful hard-working gals making a difference in the world everyday. So here's to Stac, Alt, Lex, AJ, Liza, Boss, Ec, D.O. E.O. & T.O. Nat, Tam, Kell and K-bug.