31 October 2009


Aren't we the festive couple? It was a gorgeous fall day in Cache Valley. Darren's in the background carving some awesome pumpkin... I'm just back from a jog a resembling a real witch. Trick or Treat? PS: I know it is late, but we have full-size candy bars at our house and not a lot of candy grabbers -- what's up with that?

30 October 2009


Can't stop stitching. It is crispy cold and blustery outside and I have an ear infection. Megan's grandpa passed away and she is far away in Arkansas. I whipped up a mini-quilt. It has sunshine and a mountain and a heart full of love - the things her grandpa was surrounded by here at home. I put a little pocket on the back and tucked in a copy of the obituary and some fall leaves that fluttered to the ground the day he died. She can add her own little tokens of remembrance if she feels. Just something to keep warm her good memories of her grandfather.

28 October 2009

slow stitch

A first quilt. Funny dancing man fabric purchased in Portland years ago with my mother. Intended for Land, but he quickly grew before I decided on a project. [:Lemon, if there are two things I'm certain of one is you're never going to finish that quilt: quote from 30 Rock:] This one I did; complete it that is. I soaked up inspiration and instruction from this book and wrapped it snug with I Love Dirt and left over bias tape. It was a super gift for this young man. I am slow at almost everything. Running, blogging, drafting, dishes, knitting... and quilting is just another of my snail's pace activities. It used to bother me, but hey, Chase once described my family as slow food and Darren's kin as take out fast and we all know that slow food is better [:ha:ha:] So I'll just keep creepin' along.

20 October 2009

10/20 + L& = 17

The Land-man is 17 today. We took him to see the real Mr. Dylan last night at SaltAir. I thought he was dressed appropriately considering the occasion. He and Bob had matching hats. I love that he is holding a pillow because he knows it will be a late night and he gets no mercy in missing school for your birthday from his parents. It was a great time. The range of ages and craziness were in attendance, but overall an appreciative crowd. Wow. I can't believe my Land is almost an adult. Time just keeps on moving, "Like a Rolling Stone."

note: I am so into the 'rot your stomach' tacky, store bought birthday treats lately. Land says he'll eat them all himself... he better hide them from his momma while he is at class.

19 October 2009

live like luke

I love all my nephews, but Friday night this little fellow captured my heartstrings and pulled them in tight. He was so over the moon that I would be able to watch him play flag football. He would say, "I will play really good for you Aunt Dee" and that he did. But it wasn't the technical know-how that got me, no, it was the unabashed joy. The clapping before setting up each play. The "ready, set, hike" loudly shouted when he was quarterback. The jumping, the running just to run and move and be free. The holding the flag up high when pulled from a competitors belt and the eagerness to return it to a new friend. But what I liked most was the taking time out from the intense four year-old play to wave at me, make certain I was noticing HIM, flashing a thumbs up sign as he walks, no struts, down the field. 'As a little child." I want more of that in my everyday.

14 October 2009

I run 13.1

Family descended on our fair town of Logan last Friday. A nephew was married in the Logan Temple. We had a wonderful time visiting and and catching up and falling behind on sleep. On Saturday morning we took off to Heber City for the last soccer game of the season and then picked up a metal shard in the tire on I-15 on the way to the airport. We made it to the dealership just barely on the rim and they loaned us a car to get me to the airport.

I flew into Long Beach and loved up my nephews, talked with my sis til early in the wee hours of the morning and then woke at 4:30am and had her drop me at the Long Beach Convention Center. I ran another half-marathon. One second per mile faster than the last one. Wow! You know, I am soooooo sloooooow, but I can keep on running. I love the fact that the only thing you have to concentrate on is putting one foot in front of the other -- for two + hours. This race was incredibly upbeat. Over 20,000 racers. Bands playing at the mile markers. Thousands of people cheering you on. Running on the boardwalk next to the sand and shore. The announcers were hyper and happy and loud. It was inspiring to watch others cross the finish line. It didn't matter how fast they came in. Bestest friends collapsing in a hug after accomplishing a mutual goal. Mile wide grins and Tiger Woodsesque fist pumps at stepping over that end line. And I felt good. At 10 miles I was all into the positive self talk and was like, "Let's finish this thing." When I reached mile 11 the first marathoner was heading to the finish. I think I like running - who would've thunk it?

07 October 2009

Best Wedding Slideshow Ever from Olde English Comedy on Vimeo.

My sister just called and directed me to this video on aol. For some reason it reminded her of me. Can you figure out why? Other than my nephew gets married this Friday in Logan and we are hosting a multitude of family. Awesome.

friday night lights

Three weekends in a row we have attended football games. Last Friday my two alma mater's faced off. We invited my dad this time and were lucky enough to score 50-yard line tickets from a good friend... the best part being able to visit with her family before the game. And then of course my dad knew everyone. These cell phone photos are not the greatest, but they show enough. Just before kickoff the light was just right highlighting the the quickly changing leaves on the mountainside and the massive crowd filing in. Some where in the blur there is a WOMAN official. My dad remarked that she may be the first female official in the NFL. Now when I heard that I blurted out like a petulant toddler, "but that is MY job!" I always thought it would be cool, especially when we were in school. Get a decent salary working the weekends after taking care of kids and family on the weekdays. And then my family and I could have a secret gesture that they would notice when they saw me on TV "workin' it." I remember years ago watching my dad and the officials were in a huddle and Chase observed, "Look mom -- a bunch of grandpas!" Now somewhere in the future he may have to qualify that; making it politically correct by interchanging grandpa's with grandparents. I never thought it was a possibility. Oh another unique observation to this stadium was the "stroller check" -- only in Provo. You gotta love it.