19 October 2009

live like luke

I love all my nephews, but Friday night this little fellow captured my heartstrings and pulled them in tight. He was so over the moon that I would be able to watch him play flag football. He would say, "I will play really good for you Aunt Dee" and that he did. But it wasn't the technical know-how that got me, no, it was the unabashed joy. The clapping before setting up each play. The "ready, set, hike" loudly shouted when he was quarterback. The jumping, the running just to run and move and be free. The holding the flag up high when pulled from a competitors belt and the eagerness to return it to a new friend. But what I liked most was the taking time out from the intense four year-old play to wave at me, make certain I was noticing HIM, flashing a thumbs up sign as he walks, no struts, down the field. 'As a little child." I want more of that in my everyday.

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Sara Jane said...

Luke is so cute! I think he's starting to look a lot like Jaden. Glad you could come by for a visit. You look great. Maybe I can get running again in the near future.