24 November 2009


Change, uncertainty, mystery...
Thanksgiving was my mother's holiday. (well, Easter too) For 25 years the family has gathered at her home for the thankful feast.
We are heading to Long Beach tomorrow morning.
A new start for the holiday season.
Little nephews adoring their grown-up cousins.
Laughter, nostalgia, chaos, ocean breezes, food, goodness, gratefulness.

photo via: seal beach

22 November 2009

adventures of the young

Chase and friends left Logan at 3am yesterday morning to board a bus in SLC bound for Seattle for the MLS championship. He'll see Landon Donovan and Beckham, but around here we keep our eye on Kyle Beckerman (right) and Nick Rimando (left - he's a Real Keeper - pun intended). They "couch surfed" for accomodations and will get back on the bus immediately after the game to come home. Why does this sound like a good time to me? Ole, Ole, Ole...... for REAL!

I was not feeling well and was irritable and not fit for conversation. I was not showing my best side getting after Land for a messy room and dirty socks lying around. He looked at Darren and remarked, "At least one thing Mr. Peck (his favored 1st and 2nd grade teacher) taught me I know as absolutley true, 'If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy'." I went and got in bed.

photo via: mlsnet.com

Update: It's REAL: Real Salt Lake MLS Cup Champions! At the beginning of the broadcast showing the "march to the match" it was all Chase on ESPN.

19 November 2009


These made me happy:

Robin's Clogs by kotki dwa from kotkidwa on Vimeo.

Wouldn't it be a riot to cut and paste and film and sing and create this bright animated universe. I think I found what I want to do when I grow up. Via: Hattie Newman

Go here to view the next video.

Since there are obviously only boys, sans the mom, at my abode we have always related to Malcolm in the Middle. Land and I were watching this episode together and when I witnessed the Komodo 3000 I started laughing so hard drool was coming out of my mouth. Land just looked at me puzzled wondering what I had been consuming. It is therapeutic to be overtaken by a gut-wrenching giggle every now and again.

plus... a meteor lit up all of Utah late Tuesday evening and I once again thought of the Komodo 3000

11 November 2009


really, who gets this remarkable opportunity - this is not an aquarium

no good vacation lacks delectable food

swimming out to the bay with Ila, Chilango, Pepenino, and Dune (releasing the turtles)

My turn at charades (hint: crabby)

morning Obama yoga - "breathe the hope"

Pacific Ocean - now that's a beach

Walking from the well to our camp at Espiritu Santos

true vacation - chillin' in the evening

to quote David Spade, "turtle"

Taking measurements

sand dollars on the dunes

Darren and Tessa playing on the dunes

hard to find the words

The whales accompanying us to Los Islotes

Arriving... with little sleep after having a panic attack getting across the border in Tijuana

Saying farewell to our friends from the sea

Me and Chilango

Turtle Guy didn't show up again this year. So who's the real turtle guy... of course Darren

Playing charades before breakfast... can you guess? (hint: sea lion)

This photo cracks me up.

To read the post from last year click HERE
I just FOUND (on the 11th Month, the 11th day, at the 11th hour) an email from Antonio...

"You would not believe what just happened to me. I was sitting doing some work in my house, on my computer. I have to say that normally I was supposed to be outside on the boats, but today I decided to stay and do some work I needed to finish. Suddenly I heard someone shouting my name. I have a friend here at the school that always shouts at me like that, but he is not at the school right now, so I thought it was weird. I went out of my house and to my surprise Darren was running around the school shouting my name, like some crazy guy, jajaja.

I was really happy to see you Darren, I feel sorry that we could not even have a drink together and talk a little bit about Utah, the rivers, the dam dams... I hope we can see each other some other time, meanwhile I am really glad our friendship is still going.

See you later Dee and Darren."

You see we made a really good connection last year with those on the trip with us, especially with Antonio, he was so interesting and genuine and funny and deep. I'm so pleased Darren was able to see him, however briefly, and that Chase was able to meet him. They are off to Espiritu Santos today to swim with sea lions on Veteran's Day. I have hung the flag, Finally FOUND the pics of the turtles, learned the data we helped collect is showing that turtle populations in Baja are rebounding, was told the group this year named a turtle "Dee", and received an unexpected happy message from Emily on my phone... I FOUND much to be grateful for today.

06 November 2009

Salude: a note to myself...

Melissa, Tessa and I riding the panga.

Vigilantes = Vigilant for the sea turtles

Approaching our camp on Espiritu Santos

I must admit I adore how the chairs are all set up to face the sea. We spent many many mezmorizing hours watching the pelicans dive, the sun set, and the moon rise from this spot. Not to mention fabulous food cooked from scratch from our very own crew.

Setting the turtle nets in Magdalena Bay

Getting to know our "Shell Island" in Mag Bay

Darren + Hammock = Happiness (at the School for Field Studies in Puerto San Carlos)

Unbelievable: swimming with sea lions at Los Islotes

The day after the election loading the pangas in Puerto San Carlos.

Max and I in the back of the van. I don't know how he can read because I became carsick.

Hiking through the rocks on Isla Espiritu Santos

I love pelicans

This little crabby seems to be saying, "welcome to my kingdom!" {that's for Echo}

note to self:

I voted in the municipal elections last Tuesday. I get excited for voting day. One friend calls it sacred. Another friend is now on the city council. Her cousin married my cousin. I am intrigued with her desire to serve in public office. Even here, in our small town, differing parties of thought are on a polarizing path. It's ugly, rude, mean and I believe damaging. Inciting the masses to be "armed and dangerous" is just mind-boggling. Vote, form an opinion, stand for something and RELAX. Have some fun. Enjoy discussion and debate. Respect. {I'm giving myself advice I have a tendency to become overly emotional when involved in politics} One year ago, Darren and I were in Mexico on election day. We had no radio or television or technical contact with the state of the results. All those in our party were wearing red white and blue sensing the excitement happening in our home country to the north. Later that evening we were shuffled back to town where a few of us went to a tequila bar to grab a bite to eat and watch the returns. The bartender was switching between CNN and Dumb and Dumber in Spanish. Finally, even the locals said, "no more dumb and dumber." Now for me that statement had double meaning and we laughed and toasted to Mexico and the election and to the USA and gave thanks for our incredibly blessed lives. That trip to Baja was magical. Something about the light and water and warm air and the people. Darren and Chase left yesterday to participate in the same adventure this year. I'm staying here with LandO. I'm so ecstatic for them and yet want to be there at the same time. I am a big believer in Mom and Son and Dad and Son get-aways, but oh the turtle tour in Baja is not to be missed. Last year Antonio wrote an article for a Mexican environmental travel magazine. This year the Nature Conservancy is tagging along and turtle guy will be there in person. {I have a total "thing" for the turtle guy} I have to remind myself what Bill Maher said about Obama, "Remember folks, he's not your boyfriend." It's just that he looks good, seems to have a great time and loves sea turtles. Hey, he is the reason we went on the trip in the first place. Chase and I heard him speak at Bioneers. And this gets me round about to my point at the beginning of this story. RELAX, stand for something and enjoy the journey!

note: I posted some random photos from the trip. I can't find any of the turtles or the magnificent sand dunes and thousands of sand dollars on the beach at Mag Bay. Darren and Chase will have to add some new ones to the collection.