11 November 2009


really, who gets this remarkable opportunity - this is not an aquarium

no good vacation lacks delectable food

swimming out to the bay with Ila, Chilango, Pepenino, and Dune (releasing the turtles)

My turn at charades (hint: crabby)

morning Obama yoga - "breathe the hope"

Pacific Ocean - now that's a beach

Walking from the well to our camp at Espiritu Santos

true vacation - chillin' in the evening

to quote David Spade, "turtle"

Taking measurements

sand dollars on the dunes

Darren and Tessa playing on the dunes

hard to find the words

The whales accompanying us to Los Islotes

Arriving... with little sleep after having a panic attack getting across the border in Tijuana

Saying farewell to our friends from the sea

Me and Chilango

Turtle Guy didn't show up again this year. So who's the real turtle guy... of course Darren

Playing charades before breakfast... can you guess? (hint: sea lion)

This photo cracks me up.

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I just FOUND (on the 11th Month, the 11th day, at the 11th hour) an email from Antonio...

"You would not believe what just happened to me. I was sitting doing some work in my house, on my computer. I have to say that normally I was supposed to be outside on the boats, but today I decided to stay and do some work I needed to finish. Suddenly I heard someone shouting my name. I have a friend here at the school that always shouts at me like that, but he is not at the school right now, so I thought it was weird. I went out of my house and to my surprise Darren was running around the school shouting my name, like some crazy guy, jajaja.

I was really happy to see you Darren, I feel sorry that we could not even have a drink together and talk a little bit about Utah, the rivers, the dam dams... I hope we can see each other some other time, meanwhile I am really glad our friendship is still going.

See you later Dee and Darren."

You see we made a really good connection last year with those on the trip with us, especially with Antonio, he was so interesting and genuine and funny and deep. I'm so pleased Darren was able to see him, however briefly, and that Chase was able to meet him. They are off to Espiritu Santos today to swim with sea lions on Veteran's Day. I have hung the flag, Finally FOUND the pics of the turtles, learned the data we helped collect is showing that turtle populations in Baja are rebounding, was told the group this year named a turtle "Dee", and received an unexpected happy message from Emily on my phone... I FOUND much to be grateful for today.


echo said...

i love the snorkel pic!

Tamara Jacobs said...

wow looks amazing!!! how fun! i love the snorkel picture too!