24 November 2009


Change, uncertainty, mystery...
Thanksgiving was my mother's holiday. (well, Easter too) For 25 years the family has gathered at her home for the thankful feast.
We are heading to Long Beach tomorrow morning.
A new start for the holiday season.
Little nephews adoring their grown-up cousins.
Laughter, nostalgia, chaos, ocean breezes, food, goodness, gratefulness.

photo via: seal beach


Tamara Jacobs said...

thanksgiving is definitely grandma's holiday. i really miss her this time of year. can't believe it's the second since she's been gone. have fun in CA. happy thanksgiving!
love, tam

Jen said...

I am so excited that you all are coming down this year. I missed so many of the last Thanksgiving's at Mom's house. It will be nice to start some new traditions and play some flag football in the nice CA weather - sans snow. I think the boys are coming out of their skins to see you tomorrow. Dylan says " I love Aunt De too much".

dixie said...

Happy Thanksgiving DeAnn!

karen gerstenberger said...

Thank you for the nice comment! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

If you will send me your email address, I can email an application form to you, or if you send your street address, I can put one in the good, old U.S. mail. My email is karenlboren at yahoo dot com. Thank you for your interest in supporting Katie's Comforters! God bless you.