02 December 2009

Stay Classy Max!

Update: "Thou Shalt Not Hate"
Just got back from the game. My head is cleared out of any remaining sinus congestion left from a Thanksgiving cold. It is LOUD in the Spectrum. Make you dizzy decibel pounding loud. The Aggies won. My favorite was the signs... clever, clever youngsters. Somewhere in this cell phone pic you can locate a sign that reads, "are we 'classless' yet?" To quote Stew Morrill, the Aggies head coach, "the signs come out, the craziness comes out, the guy takes off his shirt. Hell, it all happens... Whatever it takes... It is as good as it gets in college basketball."

Earlier: I'm a Cougar Fan, especially football, I have beaucoup de respect for the head coach and his family, but can't say that I have ever appreciated Max Hall much. What quarterback racks up yards and yards of personal foul penalties when you're ahead... and who rants on about the losing team and their entire university in two year-old temper tantrum fashion? Tonight is the BYU-USU basketball game at USU. If Max thinks Utah fans are "classless" wait until the "HERD" lets loose on the Cougs. Ruthless... gone rogue. Once again my two alma-maters match up. I'm taking my earplugs. Can't Wait.

Link to video here

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all i can do is shake my head.