30 December 2009

a Slayer t-shirt fit the scene just right

It is snowing loads of white fluffy stuff. Skiing will be on the docket tomorrow, but for today I'm catching up on the loads of laundry, thinking about new year lifestyle changes, and making waffles with my new waffle iron - [I have a cool flip one just like you Jen]. I can't stop listening to this song, just like my niece's two year old daughter so thanks Echo... I've got a bounce in my step today.


echo said...

such a good song. and yeah, the girl really makes the song.

karen gerstenberger said...

Thanks for the encouraging words...my brother & sister-in-law LOVE skiing in Utah, and go there frequently. They love the dry snow - so unlike ours! We hope to visit their favorite spot (Park City) with them someday. Is that one of your favorites?
Happy New Year!