04 December 2009

flair maker

I spend my days 'making things' - you should see what I have been working on for my little sis - out a control, but for now check out the 'flair' I put together for Megan. Simple simon; tiny paper circles cut from a magazine and Land's button press and you're ready to go. I'm really into packaging lately as well. Check out this from "Nice Package." Hey, it's a pun... get your mind out of the gutter


Chris Garff said...

I love the buttons and yes I did get the package a few days ago.--Thank you thank you. I love it and was so excited. I have the perfect place for embroidered name and the outfit is darling. He'll be a cool dude in it.

echo said...

love the flair. i need to get me a button press.
i wish we could have spent some time making things when i was there.