28 July 2009

SkaterMom [every skaterboy needs one]

Land and I were planning a three-week odyssey through Montana, Washington, Whistler and Vancouver, and Oregon, but at the last minute the gathering in Whistler was canceled so we went for a week to Portland and the Coast. We stopped at all the skate spots we could. Land competed in Seaside, where we renewed acquaintances with a lot of the families we met in Whistler last year. One of a skatemoms favorite things: Friends along the way.

I didn't get any pictures at Burnside - Land took out a pro who was filming and he wanted to get outta there, in a big hurry, in a big way. Our first park was Pendleton. Cowboy town. I always try to think what the designers are envisioning - what type of line or trick the skaters can throw down. They are getting increasingly more creative and daring. Pushing the limits of what is possible.

The boulder encased in the concrete was clever.

The tranny of this extension is brick. It makes a deep, bumpy sound when the skateboard hits it. I crave the sound of grinding rails, coping, even just the wheels hitting the sidewalk cracks. If I was talented in music production I would compose a little ditty just of those sounds.

I was the appointed photographer on this expedition. Risking life and limb to get the shot.

This is my greatest talent. Climbing out of hot concrete skate bowls in flip-flops and a skirt. Top that.

I am the equipment manager as well. Camera bags, car keys, water bottles, pads, etc. etc. etc.

At Hood River a nice young man offered to take the pic of Land zooming over the opening. He was a real photographer and got the lighting and position perfect. So nice young man, if you ever see this please comment and let me give you credit for this shot. Check the intensity in Land's eyes.

Hood River was was a Hansel and Gretel exploration through the woods. All those 'sweet' skate spots the candy. The ramps and rails integrated into the landscape.

The bridge over the creek was made to skate.

It's all fun and games until someone loses a hip.

Can you tell I really, really like my car? Perfect roadtrip ride for a skatermom.

The minibowl at Lincoln City.

Lincoln City is one of those parks like Hailey, Idaho where "holy $#!* what were they thinking?" escapes your mouth. Land is barreling down the snakerun. Adrenaline rush happens just watching.

Frontside Air

In the door at Irrigon. I was like, hmmm Land you seriously want to carve over this.

We are trying to work out the best position to get a pic. Soon I will be where Land is and holding my breath hoping he doesn't fall and kick the board out.

In the cradle, over the door, no worries.

24 July 2009

check that off the bucket list

Indian Beach

Early Morning Surf Session - getting psyched to get in the water

Surf Instructor - Maile

Admire the form and the size of that wave

Seriously, I think I just wanted to have surfboards attached to our roadtrip car.

I get obsessed. After watching Step Into Liquid years ago I renewed my fascination with surfing... re-watched Endless Summer, Riding Giants, and now Surfwise. So when Land and I were on the Oregon Coast last week I signed him up for a surf lesson and the cool crew at Cannon Beach Surf encouraged me to join in over my protests of "I'm too old to learn to surf." I did it. I think I was so self-conscious and nervous that I didn't even feel the chilled Pacific water... the thick wetsuit helped too. Of course Land was expert at just popping up onto the board and riding the wave. It took me a few times but then I got it, thanks to our doctor-in-training instructor Maile and her dad. And... the next morning we went and tried it all by our lonesomes and viola' piece of cake.

It was absolutely head-spinning beautiful. That ethereal morning mist and refreshing cold water. We were at Indian Beach - the Goonies [an Olsen family all-time favorite] and Twilight were filmed here. When I turned the boards back in Mark at the surf shop said to me, "Rumor is you kicked @#$." They know how to flatter a lady. I was so thrilled to have done it, I am only just now feeling the sore muscles and acknowledging the creepy purple bruises all over my sides and butt. Maybe he had actually said you got your @#$ kicked.

So if you are ever in Cannon Beach Oregon, go visit the crew at Cannon Beach Surf. Really, they made a middle-aged housewife's trip. Gotta love their logo too.

19 July 2009

this is for Nate

I did find a beautiful handmade vintage dress here, just today... but I wouldn't have even pulled over if it were not for the name and the vivid memory of uncontrollable belly laughs coming from Nate and Darren over an episode of the Daily Show about five years ago. Oh, and isn't Land just precious posing in front of the sign.

ADDENDUM: I was showing the dress to a few friends and the boys told me to start playing my ocarina flute to summon my horse - they totally thought it looked like a costume from the Legend of Zelda. These boys incessantly harass their mother, and it makes me laugh.

11 July 2009

my jogging trail is gone

photo via ksl.com

This happened just a couple of hours ago. Crockett Ave. is a muddy river, all the houses' yards are lakes. I went to go jogging and was stuck in the mud. I am sad and overwhelmed at all the damage. I'm off with a broom and a "shuzzle" to go help clean up.

Update: Saturday at 6:30 They think a woman and her two children were in the house that collapsed. So so sad.

Update: Sunday, the boys joined a volunteer shift and shoveled soupy mud.

Update: Monday, they still have not found the bodies, Darren was allowed to walk near the breach in the canal and survey the damage. He is heartsick.

08 July 2009

time since... fourteen months

Two of my nephews married two wonderful young women nearly 18 months ago. Both of these new brides have recently lost their mothers. Unexpectedly, gone too soon. One, on Monday before a Thursday wedding, after standing in line accepting congratulations, they then spent their first day as a married couple accepting condolences at a funeral. And just this past weekend the other couple learned their mother didn't feel well while on a drive with her husband, pulled over, became unconscious, and never woke up. This type of shock is obliterating. I want to give her some gem of advice, but know nothing makes sense right now, robotic numbness, that tin-foil shell again. One thing I have learned is that relationships, even mother and daughter, keep growing and changing even when one has "passed on." That in the future there will be moments where memory doesn't take your breath away and tears are not burning, but cleansing.

Two weeks ago, right before my mom's birthday all her daughters were in town. We spent the day doing what we would have done if she were here... Hogle Zoo. This place is forever intertwined with memories of my mother. There she taught me how to roar like a mountain lion. We all have the layout of the zoo imprinted in our subconscious, and thanks to a mom who loved to take her children here we could walk through it in our sleep... and now we continue that memory by showing her family the same "happy place."

The blonde Italian rides.

Daughter and grandson take a round on the carousel.

He must get that riding pose from his mother. (former rodeo queen)

The great-granddaughter who rides only "on the bench"

Don't tell him it's not real.

Happy Feet.

Giraffe pattern, in case you didn't figure it out.

Granddaughter and great-granddaughter explore the tiger's swimming pool.

This guy just made me laugh.

Brothers check out the reptiles or is it a bird.

After only wanting to see the snakes one grandson proclaims, "If you see a snake like this at grandpa's then you go and tell your mom and then grandpa will chop it up with a shuzzle."

Grown-up granddaughter still likes to take a "walk on the wild side"

Gorgeous granddaughter and family

Mom's family, every age, all love the train at Hogle Zoo.

Mr. J. makes funny faces. (notice the little one in the back getting in on the action)

Grandsons spin the "water ball rock"

What a good day. I thought as I was leaving the gate, "Mom would love this." And guess what, I think she did.
Watched Born into Brothels last night, amazingly beautiful while heart-wrenchingly sad at the same time. Becoming aware of situations that exist in the world rends you unable to turn away and avidly pulls you into action. I did read an update that Avijit actually attended high school in SLC at Rowland Hall. If you have a chance watch the film, it will change you.

(photo via here)

06 July 2009

at the bird

Darren and I spent the last four days of June at the Cliff at Snowbird. He had meetings for AWRA and I lounged at the pool on the 10th floor, had a massage at the spa and thoroughly relaxed and enjoyed myself. Many people complain about the Cliff being too cold, but the exposed concrete does it for me. It seems extremely Frank Lloyd Wright, quite organic, with the low ceilings giving way to the incredible 10 story glass atrium... "compression and release" is a FLW concept. It fits in and mimics the harsh granite and steep mountains it is nestled into. I also enjoy the Asian rugs and screens and accessories, and it is amazing that they have had "green" roofs since the 70's. It is very retro and very "now" at the same time.

Darren and I were engaged at the top of the tram, so this place has added meaning for us. Maybe it mimics our marriage as well. I think Snowbird's branding is exceptional, simple, geometric and eye-catching. I was hiking up to the top of the tram, but there is still too much snow covering the trails so I eased myself down to the waterfall and decided to throw myself across it. Hmmm, there went all the benefits of the body glow wrap I had had the day before -- I was completely muddy with bloody scraped knees.
The entrance to the Cliff entices me. It appears as if you are exploring a cave in the cool gray granite mountainside. An awesome mini-vacation.

02 July 2009

take time

I slept in today, woke up about the same time as my 16 year old. There is no rest for a mom who worries (bordering on paranoia) about a new driver out after dark. I cannot fall asleep until they are safe and sound at home and then begins the cross-examination (I believe it is supposed to be engaged conversation) about the nights activities. And then it takes a while until I settle down enough to actually drift off to dreamland. Said 16 year old went off to work in Bear Lake after wake up. I made myself a nice little brunch. Eggwhite omelet - actually scramble because I cannot flip an omelet, mango with tajin seasoning (love it) and tea. A little bird came for a visit and reminded me to relax a bit... Breathe, Sit Up Straight, Drink Water (my mantra for the past year). I stared at the overflowing flower box. It has been a nice morning into afternoon. Now my anxiety is kicking into gear because I haven't accomplished anything on my never-ending list.