11 July 2009

my jogging trail is gone

photo via ksl.com

This happened just a couple of hours ago. Crockett Ave. is a muddy river, all the houses' yards are lakes. I went to go jogging and was stuck in the mud. I am sad and overwhelmed at all the damage. I'm off with a broom and a "shuzzle" to go help clean up.

Update: Saturday at 6:30 They think a woman and her two children were in the house that collapsed. So so sad.

Update: Sunday, the boys joined a volunteer shift and shoveled soupy mud.

Update: Monday, they still have not found the bodies, Darren was allowed to walk near the breach in the canal and survey the damage. He is heartsick.

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karengberger said...

I'm so sorry to read about this; it's devastating.

Thank you for your kind note on my blog. If you want to try to connect when you are out this way, you might send me your email? Blessings to you (and your community)!