28 July 2009

SkaterMom [every skaterboy needs one]

Land and I were planning a three-week odyssey through Montana, Washington, Whistler and Vancouver, and Oregon, but at the last minute the gathering in Whistler was canceled so we went for a week to Portland and the Coast. We stopped at all the skate spots we could. Land competed in Seaside, where we renewed acquaintances with a lot of the families we met in Whistler last year. One of a skatemoms favorite things: Friends along the way.

I didn't get any pictures at Burnside - Land took out a pro who was filming and he wanted to get outta there, in a big hurry, in a big way. Our first park was Pendleton. Cowboy town. I always try to think what the designers are envisioning - what type of line or trick the skaters can throw down. They are getting increasingly more creative and daring. Pushing the limits of what is possible.

The boulder encased in the concrete was clever.

The tranny of this extension is brick. It makes a deep, bumpy sound when the skateboard hits it. I crave the sound of grinding rails, coping, even just the wheels hitting the sidewalk cracks. If I was talented in music production I would compose a little ditty just of those sounds.

I was the appointed photographer on this expedition. Risking life and limb to get the shot.

This is my greatest talent. Climbing out of hot concrete skate bowls in flip-flops and a skirt. Top that.

I am the equipment manager as well. Camera bags, car keys, water bottles, pads, etc. etc. etc.

At Hood River a nice young man offered to take the pic of Land zooming over the opening. He was a real photographer and got the lighting and position perfect. So nice young man, if you ever see this please comment and let me give you credit for this shot. Check the intensity in Land's eyes.

Hood River was was a Hansel and Gretel exploration through the woods. All those 'sweet' skate spots the candy. The ramps and rails integrated into the landscape.

The bridge over the creek was made to skate.

It's all fun and games until someone loses a hip.

Can you tell I really, really like my car? Perfect roadtrip ride for a skatermom.

The minibowl at Lincoln City.

Lincoln City is one of those parks like Hailey, Idaho where "holy $#!* what were they thinking?" escapes your mouth. Land is barreling down the snakerun. Adrenaline rush happens just watching.

Frontside Air

In the door at Irrigon. I was like, hmmm Land you seriously want to carve over this.

We are trying to work out the best position to get a pic. Soon I will be where Land is and holding my breath hoping he doesn't fall and kick the board out.

In the cradle, over the door, no worries.


echo said...

such a cool skater mom.

Jen said...

You just need a "wear and tear" bracelet and you are the official skatemom. Do you remember those things that I would sew for Steve Dean and sell them to anyone who would buy them? What great skater days - so much fun. You give me inspiration to do fun things with my boys and be involved in what they are doing even if at this age it is just doing it "more time" with a "Shuzzle".

Sara Jane said...

Love the pictures DeAnn. How to you get the barrel distortion--I think they call it fish eye like in the Frontside Air picture. I like the curve of the trees and sky. Cool pics, cool skater mom, cool skater son.

karengberger said...

WOW - you are a BRAVE mom, too! What a wonderful opportunity to be with your beautiful son. SO glad you got to do it!