19 July 2009

this is for Nate

I did find a beautiful handmade vintage dress here, just today... but I wouldn't have even pulled over if it were not for the name and the vivid memory of uncontrollable belly laughs coming from Nate and Darren over an episode of the Daily Show about five years ago. Oh, and isn't Land just precious posing in front of the sign.

ADDENDUM: I was showing the dress to a few friends and the boys told me to start playing my ocarina flute to summon my horse - they totally thought it looked like a costume from the Legend of Zelda. These boys incessantly harass their mother, and it makes me laugh.


Sara Jane said...

Glad you are having fun on your trip or had fun. I can't believe you surfed in Oregon. I've only put my foot in the water there and didn't dare go any further.

Nate said...

Ha! That was a night to remember. Cooterville, treat drawer, and Land constantly coming close to wetting his pants from tickling = good times.