31 January 2010

we have been as long as we have not

dive, sit, enjoy, dive, sit, enjoy

master of the ironshore

smooth wave surprise

7 mile beach

Psycho the eel

Scuba Darren

Flying with the fish - this is why I like to scuba

Stingray love

DeAnn and Spencer feeding stingrays

Night dive - Darren and Spencer


Abandoned beach

Manly Mini Car

10 days ago Darren and I marked our 22nd anniversary... a sentimental milestone because this one represents the moment in our timeline that we have been married as long as we have not. We were scheduled to getaway to the Dominican Rebublic with his brother, but then the tragic earthquake happened in Haiti and we needed to switch up destinations in order to not be in the way of relief efforts. We chose Grand Cayman. Nice weather, nice people, nice diving. I am oh so spoiled.

Land Down Under: He has been swimming, surfing, boogie-boarding, skateboarding, sailing, city-exploring, ferry-riding, schooling, friend visiting and many more. So far, loves it.

19 January 2010

always trust your cape

Land is flying. He should arrive in Australia in a couple of hours after nearly 18 hours of plane time. I was hyper-nervous saying goodbye. I held up good and when I got home I cried and Darren held me. The photo above of with Land and my mom on the sidelines of Chase's soccer game sums it up. When he was 3 his dreams were to be a superhero and a hockey player. Every morning he would velcro that cape and I would pin the felt superman emblem I sewed for him to whatever outfit he selected. [Chase's friend Emil, chose a bumblebee suit as his 3rd year uniform] Land was never self conscious a bit... he was that fearless superhero. My children are weird, and I mean that in the kindest compliment way. They have this amazing ability to be themselves and explore different ways to navigate their journey. They don't follow the script as I did when I was young. It scares me and tickles my heart at the same time. I was in awe of Land as he went through security at the airport... all by himself. I was a little proud of myself that we encouraged him take this opportunity. I'll miss his humor, 'deep thoughts' and wise observations. I'll even miss his messiness. I'm sure he'll make the most of this. Southern Cross my fingers, get it. You know, after my mom's death it was Land who got my younger sis to laugh the first time, that abdomen workout, can't catch your breath laugh. He told Helen Keller jokes one after another, deadpan, at a restaurant. wouldn't let up. Maybe not the most appropriate, but at that time it was a gift to get us out of our debilitating grief, for just a moment.

A couple of years ago I was driving to my parents house and listening to NPR and had to pull over and write down the name of this song by Guy Clark. [Eric Bibb has a good version too] Described Land perfectly:

"he is one of those who knows that life is just a leap of faith
spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape"

13 January 2010

Ksenia had a birthday

Ksenia, Tammy, Maryam, Susie

These are the ladies who lasted until almost midnight. Incredible that women from such varied backgrounds {Ksenia is from Russia, Tammy from Florida, Maryam from Abu Dhabi and Susie right here in Cache Valley} can find so much in common to talk about, and talk about and talk about. Is that as similar and cleansing as a walkabout, I wonder? I am by far the oldest of the bunch and I snapped the photo so you can not compare my well earned wrinkles with these youngsters, but oh we had fun. I recall years ago in Montana on a retreat with other couples to a glacier view cabin. Us womenfolk urgently and loudly spinned our yarns, the men busy shooting pool in the basement; during a pause in the developing plot one gentleman inquired, "Where are the girls?" An answer floated up the stairs, "They're up there getting liberated, I can hear the hair on their legs growing." I think this morning some serious shaving occured.

11 January 2010

it's what's down under that counts

Well, we're 11 days into the new year. I had plans to make these updates regular. The holidays were mellow... I am not tired, but Land leaves a week from today to embark on six months in OZ. He will be an international student living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I'm not kidding when I say the high school is on the beach, and to top it all off the skatepark is next to the high school, on the beach. His host family seems wonderful, he is excited for this adventure. I am a nervous mother; a bit sick in the stomach at the thought of him leaving and simultaneously envious of this youthful opportunity. I am scattered and sleepless and just wondering how this will feel.