31 January 2010

we have been as long as we have not

dive, sit, enjoy, dive, sit, enjoy

master of the ironshore

smooth wave surprise

7 mile beach

Psycho the eel

Scuba Darren

Flying with the fish - this is why I like to scuba

Stingray love

DeAnn and Spencer feeding stingrays

Night dive - Darren and Spencer


Abandoned beach

Manly Mini Car

10 days ago Darren and I marked our 22nd anniversary... a sentimental milestone because this one represents the moment in our timeline that we have been married as long as we have not. We were scheduled to getaway to the Dominican Rebublic with his brother, but then the tragic earthquake happened in Haiti and we needed to switch up destinations in order to not be in the way of relief efforts. We chose Grand Cayman. Nice weather, nice people, nice diving. I am oh so spoiled.

Land Down Under: He has been swimming, surfing, boogie-boarding, skateboarding, sailing, city-exploring, ferry-riding, schooling, friend visiting and many more. So far, loves it.


TLJ said...

happy anniversary!!!
oh a beach trip sounds amazing.
glad you had a good time.
glad land is enjoying australia!

(this is tam signed in as todd..oops:)

karen gerstenberger said...

What a wonderful second choice! We have never been to Cayman, but have friends who LOVE it. It looks like a perfect surprise destination to mark being together as long as you "had not." How I look forward to that "as long as" anniversary myself. (We will be quite old by then, however.) Congratulations to you both! Many happy returns of the day.

Jen said...

Hey De,
That picture of you with the stingrays brings a weird vision of Steve Irwin to me. Were you not freaked out? Looks like an awesome time. Happy Anniversary - if you were here I would offer a toast with a malibu rum.

Sara Jane said...

Your trip looks so so fun! I love that pic of the wave hitting you. It's a fun expression. Congrats on your anniversary.

Nat said...

Wow. What a fun trip. Happy Anniversary! That's the perfect way to celebrate.
Oh- Niah LOVES the book you gave her for Christmas. She doodles in it for hours at a time.

dixie said...

Hey, that looks like fun!!! Happy Anniversary to you!!
I think Spencer even looks like Dad underwater!!