19 January 2010

always trust your cape

Land is flying. He should arrive in Australia in a couple of hours after nearly 18 hours of plane time. I was hyper-nervous saying goodbye. I held up good and when I got home I cried and Darren held me. The photo above of with Land and my mom on the sidelines of Chase's soccer game sums it up. When he was 3 his dreams were to be a superhero and a hockey player. Every morning he would velcro that cape and I would pin the felt superman emblem I sewed for him to whatever outfit he selected. [Chase's friend Emil, chose a bumblebee suit as his 3rd year uniform] Land was never self conscious a bit... he was that fearless superhero. My children are weird, and I mean that in the kindest compliment way. They have this amazing ability to be themselves and explore different ways to navigate their journey. They don't follow the script as I did when I was young. It scares me and tickles my heart at the same time. I was in awe of Land as he went through security at the airport... all by himself. I was a little proud of myself that we encouraged him take this opportunity. I'll miss his humor, 'deep thoughts' and wise observations. I'll even miss his messiness. I'm sure he'll make the most of this. Southern Cross my fingers, get it. You know, after my mom's death it was Land who got my younger sis to laugh the first time, that abdomen workout, can't catch your breath laugh. He told Helen Keller jokes one after another, deadpan, at a restaurant. wouldn't let up. Maybe not the most appropriate, but at that time it was a gift to get us out of our debilitating grief, for just a moment.

A couple of years ago I was driving to my parents house and listening to NPR and had to pull over and write down the name of this song by Guy Clark. [Eric Bibb has a good version too] Described Land perfectly:

"he is one of those who knows that life is just a leap of faith
spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape"


karen gerstenberger said...

What a beautiful way to describe a beloved person...how blessed you are, to have such a son. He sounds like a gift to the world. It's so exciting that he has this opportunity to share his gifts with those "down under." I hope you will keep us up-to-date with his adventures there, and yours, in allowing him to "trust his cape" and fly. I look forward to more photos and stories.
That is a lovely "grandma and me" photo.

Jen said...

My boys are going to miss Land so much. They know he is going down under, keep asking if he is in Asia. They do not quite grasp the continent thing. Land is such a talented, intelligent, wonderful guy. I love his long hair and the quiet way about him. I love that he and Chase introduced my boys to Thumb Wars and skateboarding. Miss you Landy. Talk to you soon - gather some more Helen Keller jokes for me.

Henke Family said...

Do I recognize that cape?....I think my brothers had something similar. With Russell, it was his cowboy hat and irrigation boots....I miss those days of irrigation boots....:)

Nat said...

What an adventure for both of you! I hope Land enjoys Australia. Keep us updated on his time there! Love the picture of Grandma Saundra and Land.