13 January 2010

Ksenia had a birthday

Ksenia, Tammy, Maryam, Susie

These are the ladies who lasted until almost midnight. Incredible that women from such varied backgrounds {Ksenia is from Russia, Tammy from Florida, Maryam from Abu Dhabi and Susie right here in Cache Valley} can find so much in common to talk about, and talk about and talk about. Is that as similar and cleansing as a walkabout, I wonder? I am by far the oldest of the bunch and I snapped the photo so you can not compare my well earned wrinkles with these youngsters, but oh we had fun. I recall years ago in Montana on a retreat with other couples to a glacier view cabin. Us womenfolk urgently and loudly spinned our yarns, the men busy shooting pool in the basement; during a pause in the developing plot one gentleman inquired, "Where are the girls?" An answer floated up the stairs, "They're up there getting liberated, I can hear the hair on their legs growing." I think this morning some serious shaving occured.


Sara Jane said...

It's always good to have some girl time.

Land's adventure looks so exciting. You'll have to keep us updated on how/what he's doing.

karen gerstenberger said...

I love that comment! How funny. It's lovely that you spent the evening with your friends. What a gift to all of you, particularly to those who are immigrants. That sense of community is so important.