23 December 2007

At least it's not Valentine's

I am consistent in a few things and one is getting the Christmas card out a bit after the holiday - so here is a picture of the joyful greeting that you can view before.

21 December 2007


I loved the pennant banners that were in store windows in England, France and Holland. They made me happy with all the bright colors and patterns. I told myself that I would make my own once I was home... well I made a few strands and am giving them to people that make me happy for a Christmas gift. Maybe they can string the flags up on special holidays or birthdays and have instant party decorations. Who knows... some of the individuals who will be receiving these have wild imaginations.

06 December 2007

Morning View

When I wake and finally open my heavy eyes in the morning I drag my bedhead and wrinkled pjs out onto the deck off of our bedroom and take a picture of the mountains. As I was perusing all the photos I was awestruck by this one. This was taken back in September when the leaves were bursting with liquid color and an unseasonal snow blanketed the mountain peaks. Can you believe this is outside my window each morning? ... no wonder we sleep with the draperies open.