02 July 2009

take time

I slept in today, woke up about the same time as my 16 year old. There is no rest for a mom who worries (bordering on paranoia) about a new driver out after dark. I cannot fall asleep until they are safe and sound at home and then begins the cross-examination (I believe it is supposed to be engaged conversation) about the nights activities. And then it takes a while until I settle down enough to actually drift off to dreamland. Said 16 year old went off to work in Bear Lake after wake up. I made myself a nice little brunch. Eggwhite omelet - actually scramble because I cannot flip an omelet, mango with tajin seasoning (love it) and tea. A little bird came for a visit and reminded me to relax a bit... Breathe, Sit Up Straight, Drink Water (my mantra for the past year). I stared at the overflowing flower box. It has been a nice morning into afternoon. Now my anxiety is kicking into gear because I haven't accomplished anything on my never-ending list.

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Tamara Jacobs said...

oh sounds heavenly. sleeping in and a beautiful breakfast...ahhh. love the pics.