22 November 2009

adventures of the young

Chase and friends left Logan at 3am yesterday morning to board a bus in SLC bound for Seattle for the MLS championship. He'll see Landon Donovan and Beckham, but around here we keep our eye on Kyle Beckerman (right) and Nick Rimando (left - he's a Real Keeper - pun intended). They "couch surfed" for accomodations and will get back on the bus immediately after the game to come home. Why does this sound like a good time to me? Ole, Ole, Ole...... for REAL!

I was not feeling well and was irritable and not fit for conversation. I was not showing my best side getting after Land for a messy room and dirty socks lying around. He looked at Darren and remarked, "At least one thing Mr. Peck (his favored 1st and 2nd grade teacher) taught me I know as absolutley true, 'If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy'." I went and got in bed.

photo via: mlsnet.com

Update: It's REAL: Real Salt Lake MLS Cup Champions! At the beginning of the broadcast showing the "march to the match" it was all Chase on ESPN.

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AnnDeO said...

me thinks me is a sports fan.