09 December 2008


Turtle Trip 2008

Mission: get to San Diego, cross the border at 5:30am into Tijuana, fly Volaris airlines to La Paz, meet your new best friends, participate in sea turtle research and recovery, be changed forever.

As we began our pilgrimage I thought of the first "hero" that the "true fans" met on their pilgrimage across the nation with a basketball. He was a minister in California and his echoing advice was "make a friend, before you need a friend" and "you are seeking something". That is how I felt on this voyage... as a seeker... and what I found was... things can and do get better, just keep on the journey.

List of participants
Emily: our energetic, fearless guide from Baja Expeditions
Renatte: economics professor from SDSU, the other "mom" on the trip
Darren: "Who's the turtle guy?"(Darren is now the authentic turtle guy)
DeAnn: "I'll do anything for the turtle guy"
Antonio: chilango from Mexico City - really, a journalist dispatched to document our adventure
Tessa: 13 year old future marine biologist and turtle scientist
Daniel: computer specialist from Switzerland
Max: the youngest (11) commander and chief of Shell Island
Tom: Steve Martin incognito, engineer from San Diego, father of Max and Tessa
Jewel: grizzly woman, heads up a non-profit in LA
Dee: one word: Obama, "breathe the hope" - works in finance
Melissa: Ace Ventura (Darren's nickname) works for Merrill Lynch in Florida, but really wants to be in animal rescue... so sweet.

Here's a little press release about our adventure - more turtle posting to come!

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