21 December 2008

backyard terrain park

The boys (and even Darren) hauled snow all day to complete the ramps and rails and so the fun began after the sun went down. What a way to celebrate the shortest days of the year.


Sara Jane said...

That is awesome. Good way to celebrate winter solstice.

Tamara Jacobs said...

how fun! Hey thank you soooo much for the books and the cute gifts for Preslee and baby! WE love them! I can't wait to get sewing ideas from that book. I LOVE it! Thanks again. hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

brandonandlexee said...

oh boys...they can always make fun outa somethin'! Missed you guys at Christmas...it's wierd now that we are all OLD! Grandma said you were coming down the next day but that is when we headed home. Hope you had a good holiday:0)