07 October 2009

friday night lights

Three weekends in a row we have attended football games. Last Friday my two alma mater's faced off. We invited my dad this time and were lucky enough to score 50-yard line tickets from a good friend... the best part being able to visit with her family before the game. And then of course my dad knew everyone. These cell phone photos are not the greatest, but they show enough. Just before kickoff the light was just right highlighting the the quickly changing leaves on the mountainside and the massive crowd filing in. Some where in the blur there is a WOMAN official. My dad remarked that she may be the first female official in the NFL. Now when I heard that I blurted out like a petulant toddler, "but that is MY job!" I always thought it would be cool, especially when we were in school. Get a decent salary working the weekends after taking care of kids and family on the weekdays. And then my family and I could have a secret gesture that they would notice when they saw me on TV "workin' it." I remember years ago watching my dad and the officials were in a huddle and Chase observed, "Look mom -- a bunch of grandpas!" Now somewhere in the future he may have to qualify that; making it politically correct by interchanging grandpa's with grandparents. I never thought it was a possibility. Oh another unique observation to this stadium was the "stroller check" -- only in Provo. You gotta love it.


karen gerstenberger said...

What a great evening...and I love that it's a multi-generational family affair, including friends.

Lindsay and Robert said...

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you , thank you so much for your donation!