20 October 2009

10/20 + L& = 17

The Land-man is 17 today. We took him to see the real Mr. Dylan last night at SaltAir. I thought he was dressed appropriately considering the occasion. He and Bob had matching hats. I love that he is holding a pillow because he knows it will be a late night and he gets no mercy in missing school for your birthday from his parents. It was a great time. The range of ages and craziness were in attendance, but overall an appreciative crowd. Wow. I can't believe my Land is almost an adult. Time just keeps on moving, "Like a Rolling Stone."

note: I am so into the 'rot your stomach' tacky, store bought birthday treats lately. Land says he'll eat them all himself... he better hide them from his momma while he is at class.


Kaitlan said...

Happy Birthday Land! Love the hat, it is so you. I love those store treats too. they are so good even though they look fake plastic play food to me.

dixie said...

Happy Birthday Land!
I loved being 17.... enjoy it while it lasts cuz it goes by soo quickly. 30 years later I still remember 17. Can you believe that???

karen gerstenberger said...

Happy Birthday, Land! 17 is a great age...David is right behind you (11/21). I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed B. Dylan.