28 October 2009

slow stitch

A first quilt. Funny dancing man fabric purchased in Portland years ago with my mother. Intended for Land, but he quickly grew before I decided on a project. [:Lemon, if there are two things I'm certain of one is you're never going to finish that quilt: quote from 30 Rock:] This one I did; complete it that is. I soaked up inspiration and instruction from this book and wrapped it snug with I Love Dirt and left over bias tape. It was a super gift for this young man. I am slow at almost everything. Running, blogging, drafting, dishes, knitting... and quilting is just another of my snail's pace activities. It used to bother me, but hey, Chase once described my family as slow food and Darren's kin as take out fast and we all know that slow food is better [:ha:ha:] So I'll just keep creepin' along.


karen gerstenberger said...

It looks beautiful. Are there any more photos of it? It's a precious, handmade gift from the heart, and there's nothing better than that...fast or slow.

Nat said...

I love this quilt!! It is so darling. Thanks for thinking of us and for coming to visit the other night.

Henke Family said...

I like it a lot! I love the running guys on there. :)

Tamara Jacobs said...

LOVE the quilt!!!
it was so good to see you.
and i agree...slow food is better:)