08 September 2008

Time Since - Four Months

She was beautiful! I miss her deeply... that thread that binds mothers to daughters that lengthens and shortens throughout the long days of life is pulling me close to her. She sends me messages in the way I stand or speak to my children or laugh, yes laughter is emerging slowly. She is proud of me. I can feel her brush my hair back and gently touch my forehead. The heat of a fever of grief radiating. "There, there sis - I am with you".


Sara Jane said...

I can't believe it has only been four months. Life just seems to go by so fast. Thank you for your thoughts. They've made me think about Aunt Saundra today and I can't help but feel a little empty inside. I miss her little emails just checking in on me. I know she is so proud of all of you and I am glad that there has been some laughter.

Heber said...

wow. That brought tears DeAnn.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I know she is there with you. It's funny how we all have so much of our mothers in each of us. I hear my mom come out of me all the time when I say something just random to the kids. I don't mean to, it just comes out that way.
this is bossy by the way, not heber :)

Nat said...

I miss her so much lately. I keep finding things around my house that she gave me or the girls. Even Bryan's dress shirts that she gave hime for Christmas get me! It is hard not having her around, but I think she really is still here with us in her own special way. She was the best.

Tamara Jacobs said...

I miss her so much too. I watched my wedding video last night and kept wanting to re-watch the parts that she was in. I love to think that she is watching and close to us still. Thanks for your post.