15 September 2008

Here Comes the Judge

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was on campus today to lecture. I attended and it was fascinating. I enjoy hearing really intelligent people speak. You have to be on your toes to understand, listening to each word, sentence and thought form as it is presented to you. He touched on constitutional originism, absolute moralism vs. natural law, and how social policy cannot be separated from politics. His main point seemed to be about how dangerous it is that Justices are appointed according to political parties and are expected to reframe the Constitution according to the respected parties platform. It was an interesting opportunity.

On a lighter note, I shook Bob Burnquist's hand at the Dew Tour yesterday.

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Mel said...

Hi lo, how is life? I finally started blogging again - It's been hard to do. I'm trying to just enjoy things more and it is getting easier to recall fun memories about mom. I loved yours! Tam and I were remembering when she came to visit Tam one day in Bluffdale and she had sandals on and she had dog poop on her toes. She told Tam "good thing I'm on my way for a pedicure!". We still laugh about it. I miss her...