25 September 2008

It happens in threes

I received a text message from Land, "I read what you wrote about grandma on your blog and it blew my mind, it was really good". I received a phone call from Chase (he is now working on a project in Blythe, CA. fighting spiders, mosquitoes and 6ft. diamondbacks) "Mom are you watching Jon Stewart? It is a good episode tonight." He loves to discuss the election with me. And then Darren calls and informs me that he has gathered all the information needed to ship off to our lawyer to put together a trust. I stop him mid-sentence and say, "mmmm, thankyou and I love you". The last time I saw my mother we ate a wonderful dinner at Sette Bello in Salt Lake. We both had these amazing salads with pine nuts. The conversation being about getting our affairs in order, trusts and wills, etc. "You know, you never know", someone commented. Less than a month later we were settling her affairs.

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Kaitlan said...

We really never know what might happen to us. Nate and I have been talking about setting up a will, but we never do it. We just need to do it. Thanks for the reminder.