23 July 2008

A Time to Mourn

A link you might want to read: When Bad Things Happen.
Erika and Grandpa Edison at the Christmas Party 2007
This blog of late has been tinged with sadness. Erika has died. She was very brave - she was a refugee from Germany during WWII. Her story is extraordinary, but what I'll always remember is that she sent four-leaf clovers in my birthday cards. How did she find them, one each year. My heart aches for my grandfather - he has lost a daughter and a wife during this summer season. I remarked to a friend how difficult it has been the past few months, "you know death... it's not for everyone". But it is and I'm trying to find the meaning and the joy and the gratitude for this one beautiful life we journey through.


Nat said...

I love that picture of those two!! Can you email that to me? Grandma Erika was a great woman. I am so sad for Grandpa Edison. I wish that I could be at the funeral. Maybe you can take pictures or at least tell me how it goes. Death is such a weird thing. It changes my perspective on life completely.

Sara Jane said...

I am sorry that you have to keep posting about the sadness of life. I often think it would be great if life were just a little bit easier. I like your comment about death being for everyone. Some of us only get to live a few minutes on this earth and other get to live 100+ years. I remember Aunt June before she died. She was sitting in a chair and saying "is death going to be like what I have been taught or is it all going to be a lie". I remembered being humored by it just because that is how Aunt June was--just tell you like it is. At least we do have the plan of salvation and yet we have to accept that on Faith as well.
A highcouncilman spoke in my ward once and he told about how he had a 2 year old son die. He said that he had a terrible time coping with his son's death and the highcouncilman realized one day that it was a pivotal moment for him with his belief in the plan of salvation. He said he had to put his faith in it or not and he decided to apply his faith. Even with the knowledge that we do have, the world always seems a little lonelier, a little different when we lose a loved one. That void cannot be replaced because no one can take that loved ones place. I think maybe it is the faith that pulls us through the pain of the voids and helps us stand tall to the challenges of life. You are so strong. You are being pushed and pulled and made to reach heights that you probably would prefer not. I look up to you and your example. I hope Edison is coping okay with his losses at this time.
Sara Jane

Mel said...

sOh Dee, We saw this ahead but it just didn't make it any easier. I won't make it back for the funeral as our flight doesn't land until 8:30 pm. I've had a lot of time to contemplate and reason - I had imagined before I came over here that I would be able to figure it all out if I had time to really ponder. Well, I didn't find my answer that I wanted, but I have realized that it is journez that our family is on for a long time. I find my greatest peace when I just try to concentrate on the positive - good memories, moms unconditional love to everyone she knew and the way she just knew how everyone was doing. It is what you said in the beginning - what is a family without a mother. My big question with all of this time to ponder has been -who am I without a mother? I miss our talks and can't wait to talk. My heart is with you on Friday.
Love, Mel

Kaitlan said...

We are so sorry for yet another loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your Grandpa. I am sure there is a happy reunion going on, where ever it may be.