23 July 2006

The Overwhelming

Marty and I attended the National Theatre and saw "The Overwhelming". It was a story of an American family that moves to Rwanda in 1994. The actors were brilliant. The production was powerful and made you question what your purpose in this life is and what issues and problems do you choose to fight or turn away from. I was especially moved by the contrast of the American culture and need to be "right" and spreading democracy against that of the tiny African nation and their struggle with Hutu and Tutsis. Sometimes the truth is not so easy to find and it more importantly is not easy to face. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the performance and grasped on to every bit of meaning that came from the language.
Outside the Royal TheatreAfter the play, we walked along the river, St. Paul's was lit dramatically in the city skyline. I felt grateful to be here in London.
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