23 July 2006

Rocky, Darren and Megan outside at Brintons

On Tuesday, July 18th we loaded the train to Birmingham and then took a motorcoach to Kiddeminster to tour Brintons carpet factory. Rachel "Rocky" Stutz is doing an internship with the company and arranged for us to see all the amazing things in the shop. They have archives of carpet designs that date back to 1600's. It was unbelievable the resources they had. Rachel showed us the computer program she uses to design a carpet. It was like a glorified paint by number, but a whole lot more fun. The crew she works with were quite the jokesters and told a few funny things about a lawn party with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. She jumped up and down on the carpet they had designed and exclaimed, "Yes, it's really comfy!" We were priveledged to see the factory with all the looms exclusively made and designed by their own engineering department. Rolls and rolls of yarn, carpet, jute, nylon - whatever it takes to produce the highest quality. Some of the employees had been at Brintons for over 40 years and were still loving their jobs. What an incredible opportunity for Rocky and even for us as we got to get a glimpse of the goings on behind the scenes.
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