14 July 2006

It is Friday, July 14th. We all stayed up late last night working on our pattern assignments. Una didn't sleep all night. I cannot do that anymore - I'm too old. I need to look up Brinton carpet on the web to see what type of design they incorporate into their carpets. We started out by going over the Tower Bridge. It makes you feel like you are truly in London. The colors and the incredible amount of layers of paint look like the old lead soldiers we had laying around when we were kids (me at least). We went to the Design Museum. It was sort of founded by Sir Terence Conran - who I understand is just recovering from a serious accident. I want to go to a Habitat store and see the cool design. The Formula One exhibit was excellent - the graphics which included a timeline along the wall were so easy to follow.
The next stop was the City Hall. I enjoyed the inside much more than the outside. The best was the photographic aerial view of London done in carpet tiles.
Tate Modern was our last official stop. Mark Rothko, Matisse, Miro all the others. I love modern art museums and this building was overwhelming as it was a refurbished steel plant. It is late and I am rambling incoherently and so I'll quit blogging for today.

*we did go to Mary Poppins
*if the whole world + all the work = the whole world
why do we do the work?

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