02 May 2010

laundry list

And so we must do the laundry at the Wash-N-Go. Darren helped load the washers, we walked over to Einsteins for a bagel and juice, and then stuffed the dryers. Then Darren left. My dryers were named Casey, Chad, and Dan. Retro rewind. As they tumbled round and round I read about culture, civilization, relationship disconnect, objectifying. My mind tumbled round and round thoughts using a laundromat as the metaphor. A sort of "third place" where I am "connecting" with the community. I smiled and said "hello" to my fellow launderers. But then I started noticing... mostly men do the washing at the "mat" or is that "Matt."  My smiles attracted a little too much community connection as a gentlemen sat right next to me on an empty bench. I could hear him breath and feel his arm next to mine. I couldn't speak, but I was determined to not move even though he had clearly invaded my "space bubble" Know the rules dude. Luckily the dryers slowed to a stop and I could jump up and begin folding. He did too. Right next to Casey... I think his was called Bill... hey, all the dryers have male names... what's up with that? I folded and folded, with my head down now... no more smiles, and loaded the car with fresh-scented linen (well, mostly cotton). So much for my social experiment. I'll try again next week.


Sara Jane said...

The guy invading your personal space made me laugh. I love how your dryers have names. I do our laundry at the laundry mat as well, but I usually leave while it washes.

karen gerstenberger said...

It's been a while since I've done laundry this way. Your story reminds me of the place across the street from my apartment in Boston...except that in Boston, no one was that friendly. =)
I hope that this business is completed soon, but I can tell you are going to use the opportunity to learn and observe well.

dixie said...

I love to smell the laundry.