29 April 2010

zoola tana

A quick road trip by Chase and I. A transfer to a new university, a fresh adventure for my young adult son. I pointed out each and every landmark along the way... look down this canyon around this corner for a glimpse at an awesome trestle bridge... when you were two you said this at this very spot... story after memory after story... I had to keep reminding myself that this is his experience not mine this time around, but Missoula is imprinted in my psyche, my own personal road map. I raised those boys as toddlers here. I was a professional at a young age. Touring campus with my former boss I witness all the new buildings -- beautiful -- but also opened a few doors and saw my mark lingering after 17 years. "You see this colorful painted bathroom Chase" I did that. This language lab, the signs, the copy center. Yep, me. Recognizing a former self. I spent time with great friends... Kelle and I climbed the "M" and the "L" and talked forever. I don't know how to explain some friendships. They are just "rooted" and strong and safe and comfortable. And so I tried to keep this all from overwhelming Chase and let him discover it on his own. We drove home mostly silent through dirt dusted rain, spring bug hatches and herds of tumbleweeds crossing the highway. What place is road map imprinted in your memory?


Sara Jane said...

Is Chase going there in the fall or the Summer? I'm sure he will love it there. Sounds like fun to walk down memory lane.

AnnDeO said...

He is planning on going in the fall. Yippee!