13 May 2010

duck, duck.... duck

Yesterday, I saw one of my mom's good, best friends and her husband. A lucky bit of serendipity. And for a fleeting moment all was right with the world and how it used to be. And then I was sad because of all we're missing. This morning Khloee was barking at nothing again or so I reasoned. I went outside and there was a ducky duck duck strutting through the yard. Of course Khloee only chases other dogs and trucks and not fowl weather friends. She is a Lab for crying out loud and is scared of waterfowl and water. That makes me laugh. For a moment all was right with the world.


karen gerstenberger said...

Perhaps we have to start with those moments, and go from there in hope and faith and love. I'm so glad that you noticed those moments.
God bless you!

Jen said...

There's one of those birds. Maybe it was mom checkin in on you and to see how the house is coming. I would not doubt it at all.