04 May 2010

living in a tree

The house repairs are overwhelming me. Dust dust dust surrounds me... our bed in the closet. Showering at the gym. I run a lot. Outside, the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, to the Nature Center, the Logan River Trail. I've watched the color luscious buds bursting. The act of creating a home I've found is a dichotomy for me. An act of treason against my ecological leanings. Tree House or House of Tree. The beauty of nature simply, contrasted with the beauty of the materials carefully selected for my home. Where to draw the line? I am contradictions... aren't we all? And this constant figuring it out is what feeds my anticipation in greeting the new day.

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karen gerstenberger said...

Yes, I think we are all made of some contradictions. I think we're created that way, and we are even attracted to our opposite! What an intricate and complex world.
I hope you are finding quiet places of comfort and refuge in the midst of the dust and noise.