23 September 2010

dunc's big swim

 the Fergusson's, Olsen's, and Adam's @ Bryce Canyon, Ut. New Year's Day 2009

We are jumping for joy for that man in the back in the purple shirt. Our friend's friend, who is now our friend from Australia completed the English Channel, swimming that is. And I said Channel, not Chunnel. This is cool, literally. While we were in Sydney, Duncan was swimming the harbor for 6-8 hours at a stretch, with a shark detractor, all before dinner. Dedication I tell you. I was so excited when I saw a message on my computer, "Dee, Duncan made the channel this morning. Aussie flag flying" I shouted it out to all the homecoming attendees finishing off the night in the pool.

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karen gerstenberger said...

Congratulations to him! How incredible, to desire this, and then to accomplish it! The human spirit is a wonder of creation.

AnnDeO said...

You are correct Karen... and it gives you such inspiration when you witness someone accomplish a long held desire.