22 September 2010

shared experience

My little sis and I installed "matching" commercial style ranges in our new kitchens. You should see and hear us on the phone sharing our shared experience, "OMG, I boiled water for pasta and it was incredible." "Get out, I made four quesadillas at once." Gourmet cooks we may not be, but oh, to pretend is so much fun.

note: yes, this is my new kitchen and I am loving the fresh colors and candy glass tile and open shelves for storage and that range and range hood. Seriously, I think we need a lead collar on Khloee and small children when that thing is running full speed. Come join us in the new cooking digs - I'll throw on a quesadilla. (or four)


echo said...

that oven/range is my dream!
i never in my life thought i would dream of a stove.
is that your new kitchen? i love the colors.

Sara Jane said...

Oh, the jealousy is felt. Love it!

karen gerstenberger said...

Is that YOUR kitchen? Oh my goodness - it's lovely!

Kaitlan said...

it looks good, really good.